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ThruVision Technologies

We laser engrave personalized ornaments and Memorial Plaques


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How this company came about...

I'm a very proud father of three amazing children and have one of each, an incredible son Adam, an amazing daughter Jillian and an Angel Ian. 

Fourteen years ago when expecting identical twin boys, at just 23 weeks into the pregnancy, my life changed forever.  Due to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Adam measured 23 weeks gestation and Ian was only at 19 weeks gestation.  Ian died in my arms after only 3 hours with us.  Adam, though born at 23 weeks and weighing only 15 ounces (dropping to 12 ounces at one point), spent the next intense 6 1/2 months in the NICU before he finally came home for the first time.  He has endured many operations, procedures, setbacks and challenges due to such a premature birth.  Two years later I had an amazing baby girl enter my life, she is such a princess and daddy's little girl.  Ian is thought of everyday and missed terribly, a loss which cannot be expressed with any spoken word.

The inspiration to start my company, ThruVision Technologies, is based on memorial ornaments that I created which came about when I wanted to leave something at my son's grave each year at Christmas and other monumental events I long to celebrate with him.  Each year I came up with something different though staying on the same premise. 

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